Local Authority Advisors and Independent Consultants

Tessa Parkinson, Northamptonshire PSHE Advisor said...

“John is a confident and focused professional who has high standards and expectations of himself and others but this determination to provide and achieve excellence is tempered with thoughtful reflection, concern and consideration for others. He has an excellent understanding of educational issues and how these may be effectively implemented in schools. John is also an outstanding communicator and excellent multi-agency organiser and trainer. His professionalism has inspired local coordinators in all parts of the country.

Schools were clearly dealing with someone who knows his business, is aware of the professional boundaries of his role but also is aware of the concerns of individuals and institutions.”

Meg Martin, Independent Educational Consultant said...

“John is a very personable, professional and inspiring trainer. He is dedicated to PSHE and to improving the links between education, health and social policy. He has excellent skills and knowledge which enable him to liaise effectively with a vast range of services and organisations. Although he is very knowledgeable in his field, he is always ready and willing to investigate further to expand his expertise.”

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