Young People and Peer Education

young people peer trainingYoung people can be a powerful force to administer pro-social and health improvement objectives.

John has been involved with training and supporting young people and peer educators through the APAUSE programme.

APAUSE has confirmed research findings that adults may be able to transfer knowledge effectively but social norms and cultural awareness may be better communicated by young people.

young people peer trainingThe training has been appreciated by young people...

“The training was ace. I was a bit apprehensive to start with, wondered what it was all about but John is a brilliant trainer putting people at their ease, having a laugh but really helping in teams. I learned a lot in two days. This will really help my TIE work in college and has given me the confidence to run the sessions with kids in school.” - Hull College Peer Educator

This training has been appreciated by professionals...

“I have worked alongside John on numerous occasions training peers, aged 16-18, in both rural and inner city settings. In his delivery with the young people I found him to be professional and dynamic, he really captures the attention of the young people and prepares them to face the challenge of teaching their peers. I would highly recommend him as a trainer for young people.” - Kerry Jones, Senior Area Youth Worker, Powys
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